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The term “reclaimed building materials” describes any building materials that have been previously used or excavated for remodelling, including tiles, stone and bricks. They are a popular option for many customers because they provide great character and a timeless, quality finish. However it can be more expensive because of sourcing and laying costs, so finding the right reclaimed building materials specialist is of paramount importance.

At T. Caudwell, our family business has 45 years of experience as reclaimed building merchants, giving us the ability to create professional, attractive finishes with reclaimed bricks, tiles and stone. This dedication to the industry has made us one of the leading reclaimed building merchants in Kent and South East England.

To choose the best reclaimed bricks, tiles and stone supplier, here are some questions you should ask:

Where have the reclaimed materials been sourced from?

Reclaimed materials can come from old mills, stately houses, flagstone pavements and many more sources. They also range in age; from a few years to centuries old, and come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. With this in mind, it’s important to use a reclaimed building merchant who is known for sourcing quality materials.

T. Caudwell do just this, making sure all materials sourced match our guaranteed high standards. We also offer a brick matching service via an emailed photograph or sample, where we do our best to find the correct reclaimed brick, stone or tile for your project.

How much choice is there on offer?

Reclaimed building materials come in different sizes, shapes, ages, colours and textures and some even contain fossils and other debris from their original source. This means that when selecting your materials, you want a wide range to choose from that reflects all of these variations.

At T. Caudwell’s site, we stock a staggering 500 thousand reclaimed bricks, 400 to 500 square meters of top quality grade 1 and 2 reclaimed Yorkstone paving and a huge selection of reclaimed tiles and slates. This amount of choice is unparalleled in Kent, so if you’re looking for a specific look for your paving, wall or flooring, you are guaranteed to find a great match at our supplies yard.

How easily can I get the reclaimed materials?

Transporting your reclaimed materials order – particularly in bulk – is a laborious task that everyone would like to be as easy as possible. For example, reclaimed Yorkstone is very heavy and reclaimed tiles may be decades old and need handling with care. Look for a reclaimed building materials supplier who provides a reliable, quality delivery and collection service that can deal with large orders whilst treating the materials with care and respect.

The delivery and collection service offered at T. Caudwell is high quality, fast, competitively priced and even offers free delivery on large orders. This has made us a first choice for customers in the building industry and general public across South East England.

Can the supplier guarantee a high quality service?

As mentioned before, reclaimed materials are a more expensive building option due to costs of sourcing and laying. So how do you make sure you get your money’s worth? Always choose a supplier who can guarantee a high quality, efficient and fast service – from delivery to completion. Also make sure they have an excellent track record; many years’ experience and a highly qualified construction team. We are a family business with 45 years of specialist knowledge and experience. Our full product ranges are shown on our website with clear pricing, so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

To fulfil customer requirements we provide a reclaimed brick, yorkstone, stone and tile matching service via email or by sample.