London Yellow Stocks

London Yellow Stocks

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Over 60,000 top quality yellow stocks ready for immediate delivery.

There are a variety of different types of London Yellow Stocks. Some stocks are weathered and have a darker colour or sometimes flecks of ash which discolour the brick whereas some are much brighter and known as 'canary yellows'. To create a unique look London Yellow Stocks can be mixed with other stocks.

London Yellow Stocks are an imperial brick used as a main form of building material that is still very much in evidence in properties across London and the South East of England and therefore they are still in demand. They were mass produced at Smeed Dean Brickworks, Kent in the early 1900's.

It is important to make the right selection when choosing the reclaimed bricks for your project, so please contact us and use our yellow stock free brick matching service.

All London Stocks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts and free next day delivery can apply to high quantity orders.

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