Reclaimed red wire cut bricks

Reclaimed red wire cut bricks

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Price: £60.00  Ex VAT
£550.00 per 1000

Reclaimed red wire cut bricks are the most cost effective type of manufactured bricks and are suitable for almost every type of application.

They are made by the extrusion of a continuous column of clay which is then cut by the wire. Finishes can be smooth, alternatively a surface textures can be applied by the addition of sand or texturing the face e.g. rusticated or dragfaced. Producing wirecut bricks is a highly automated production process, resulting in a relatively inexpensive brick.

Wire cut and pressed bricks are our most common bricks. They date from victorian times, they used for many different jobs from matching period houses to garden walls and garages. They are hard reclaimed bricks with very good colours and usually a very good quality brick. We always have a very good stock of these in our yard. The colors are from light-orange to dark-red. Sizes are standard 9 inch x 3 inch x 4 1/2 inch.

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